My Hair Loss Story

My Hair Loss Story

I’ve been losing my hair very gradually since I was about 20 years old and as a result I started to feel a bit self conscious and at 35 I decided I had to do something about it! I did extensive research and began to educate myself to see what type of options I had…I realized the real and most natural looking option I had was hair restoration “Hair Transplant”.

After coming to terms with my decision to have a hair transplant procedure done I began to explore and inquire different hair restoration clinics and wasn’t impressed. I found Rahal Hair Institute in Ottawa to be my best option 100%

The experience I had with Dr.Rahal was pleasant an a positive one and still is. I felt no pressure during our consultation and he answered all my questions regarding hair loss and my options for hair restoration. Having done my research and homework I actually ended up booking my appointment for the procedure after my first consultation with Dr.Rahal and left his office feeling confident and excited with my decision.

On Thursday January 6th 2011 Dr.Rahal and his proffesional team of technichians masterly transplanted 3696 grafts almost (3700) to restore my hairline and temple areas. Dr.Rahal and his staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease that day, They took great care of me through the entire operation it was outstanding! Mike, Dr.Rahal’s assistant was constantly checking up on me to make sure everything was ok.

My operation lasted for around 7-8 hours and in all honesty it went by fairly quick, It was comparable and reminded me of the time I got my wisdom teeth pulled out from my dentist. I felt no pain during my operation and at times I fell asleep, I watched a couple of movies and before you know it the surgery is over After the operation I was given a bag with with medication, Shampoo and Vitamin E Oil and post-op instructions to follow from Mike and Dr.Rahal.

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