4 Months

4 Months

So month 4 has arrived! The growth which has occured since last month is obvious. In fact the difference between now and 2 weeks ago is clear to me when I look up close. As you can imagine, I’m paying close attention.

I chose to have the photos taken without any styling products – I wanted them completely natural. But my hair is now very stylable. More stylable than it has been in many years. I went to a new barber and he had no idea I’d had anything done, although I did tell him and he had many questions. I normally decline styling products at the barbers as I’m going to wash my hair as soon as I get home, but I decided to let him put a little product in and, well, it was extremely satisfying to have a hairline that I can do something with. For close to a decade now I had given up on trying to achieve a proper style with it, as my hairline was too receded and thin to allow for it and products always made it look worse. I had forgotten what it was like to be able to quickly and easily make it look good. Now I’ve already forgotten what it was like to be receding!

I had these taken last week but delayed posting due to illness.










  1. Great pics Matt! Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. Michelle Fraser says

    Always enjoy reading your posts Matt!
    You really can measure great progress through your pics!
    Also I like your hair tone, the longer it gets, the more of a reddish tint comes out.
    Looks great!

  3. Mike York says

    Looking awesome buddy! You’re a quick grower indeed, as you’ve mentioned before. Doesn’t look now like you’ve ever lost a hair in your life…..

  4. Looking great Matt. I am enjoying following your progress and hope to have a similar growth curve. Looks like smooth sailing for you from here forward. The new hairline should bode well with the younger crowd that you spoke of in your previous post. Cheers.

  5. HI MATT,

    Your results look fantastic.Im thinking of getting some work done but like you im from the uk.I would love to hear from you and go thro your experience.

  6. Hey Matt,
    Ive been on the fence about doing a procedure to, Ive been scouring the internet looking for someone my age with hairloss like mine just to see what kind of results
    Finally found you your hair loss is just like mine. Also debating a FUE and FUT!
    Also, any updates? How is it looking now?

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