4 Weeks

4 Weeks

The past month has blown by and the photos below were taken 4 weeks after my procedure. My native hair has grown a considerable amount over those 4 weeks and I’m toying with having the back/sides trimmed a bit. Maybe I’ll wait a little longer. I have shed some transplanted hair which is to be expected, but I did think I’d shed more by this stage. I wonder if they’ll stay? We shall see. I am still wearing a hat when I go out, but everyone who I show my hair to says “wow!”. They ain’t see nothing yet!


  1. Looks great Matt! Looks like you’re going to have pretty amazing results. I’m excited to see the donor when you finally cut it.

    • The neck hair is gone. Finally. I left it a while but then caught a gimpse of it, realised it was out of hand, and got it shaved. I will get the back and sides cut soon. I can feel stuble growing back in the donor area.

  2. Ethan Bailey says

    Hi Matt – earnestly reading up your progress, wishing your procedure a success.

    Out of curiosity, if I may ask, what is the likelihood that the transplanted hairs falling off eventually, that would warrant a second touch up?

    Ethan Bailey

    • Hi Ethan,

      The likelihood is very low. If my hair loss progresses I may need a second procedure, but the loss has been extremely slow. If I’d had a procedure 8 years ago (the time when I first noticed my hair loss) then I’d still be good now.

      • Ethan Bailey says

        Dear Matt,

        Thanks for your response. I’m curious, I assume that you are a Norwood 2 when you performed your FUE procedure.

        If you were between Norwood 3 and 4 (which I am by the way), would you still go for multiple FUE sessions or a straight FUT session?

        Would like to hear your decision making process as I rely much on concealers to do a decent job.


  3. Dear Ethan,

    That’s very hard to say without seeing photos. Not all Norwood 3’s or 4’s are the same. It’s possible that it could be done in one FUE procedure, depending on your hair characteristics, the actual dimensions of the area and where the hairline is positioned. If you haven’t had a consultation already, perhaps you’d like to send some photos to me and we can start the process?

    My email: matt@rahalhairtransplant.com


  4. Mike York says

    Looking good there Matt! Can’t wait to see that 3 month update. I have a feeling you’re going to have that early growth AND density just based on how quickly your hair grows!!! EXCITING!!! I am sorta kicking myself for not going the FUE route now, as I won’t ever be able to buzz my hair super short again!! Looking good on your end though, and looking forward to seeing your next update!

  5. Hi Mike. It’ll be nice if you’re right about the early growth. It won’t be long now until we see. You had a pretty big procedure so your transformation will be all the more dramatic with the high number of grafts that were possible with FUT.

  6. Hey Matt,

    I am booked for a 2500 FUE on June 4th. My hairline is similar to yours (pre-procedure), albeit lighter in colour. I am curious to see how you are doing at the 2 month mark…any pics to post? Your 4-week shots looked great.


    • Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for that! You can now see my 3 month update. At month 2 I essentially looked like I did before the procedure, except with shorter hair. Yes, this did expose my hair loss more, but I could live with it and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt through this it’s that other people just don’t notice. Even when I was still pink in the recipient area, people were genuinely amazed when I told them what I’d had done.

      So don’t fret over how you’ll look – or about the procedure itself. An FUE patient on this blog called connor said “I can’t believe how easy it was” and he’s so very right on that.

      Good luck and I hope we’ll see you on here.


  7. how much does Dr Rahal charge per grafts?

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