Must-See Hair Restoration Before and After Photos!

“I Was Bald and I’m Not Anymore! Thank You Dr. Rahal!”

sirius67’s Shares His Hair Restoration Before and After Photos: “Dr. Rahal is numero uno in this industry, no doubt about it.”

The story and the hair restoration before and after photos you see here were completely supplied by sirius67.

sirius67 shared his Rahal hair transplant transformation with other members of the Hair Restoration Network, a free 3rd-party resource for hair loss sufferers. We’ve obscured his face, but he posted uncensored photos on the forums.

It’s not hard to see why sirius67 was such a satisfied patient. Compare his before photo to his hair transplant results two years on:

sirius67’s hair restoration before and after photos

sirius67’s hairline, before and two and a half years after his hair restoration procedure

…and now read the rest of his incredible two-and-a-half year transformation!

Propecia Not Working To Stop His Hair loss? Empty Stem Cell Baldness “Cures”? sirius67 Had Enough.

“I bought some finasteride online… unfortunately I got some sugar pills and I started to lose a lot of my hair”

Before hair restoration, sirius67 did what many hair loss sufferers do: He held out for a miracle cure, this time promised in the form of a supposed stem cell cure for baldness: “recoverup hair regeneration,” sirius67 wrote, “what do you guys think about this? Is it for real?”

He tried to navigate the waters of online pharmacies looking for a reputable seller of generic finasteride, or Propecia: “I bought finasteride [online] and the first order was cipla brand, very good stuff, the second one I ordered from the same site… unfortunately I got some sugar pills and of course after only a few weeks I started to lose a lot of my hair.”

Around 2011, he’d had enough. With Propecia not working to stop his hair loss, it was no longer good enough to slow down it down or cross his fingers and hope for deliverance. If he was going to take control, he needed to take control immediately.

His Hair Transplant Results Were Immediately Apparent

“Looks like the usual high standard” … “In particular, the hairline looks like it’s been designed very naturally.”

The third thread he started on the Hair Restoration Network forums was straight to the point. “2500 grafts with Dr. Rahal,” he titled it, and the post got right to the point: “I had HT with Dr. Rahal on Sept. 1 and I was able to receive 2500 grafts.”

The experienced eyes of the Hair Restoration Network were quick to offer their encouragement. Within a few hours of sirius67 sharing his photos, his hair transplant results were immediately apparent as other forum members recognized the signature Rahal results:

“Looks like the usual high standard of work,” JayWalker offered immediately, commenting on Dr. Rahal’s exceptional standards.

“In particular, the hairline looks like it’s been designed very naturally,” TomCruise added.

“Looks sweet… as expected,” aaron1234 added, echoing JayWalker’s sentiment.

sirius67 recovering at Foxbar

sirius67 recovering at Foxbar, Rahal’s patient recovery guesthouse

He shared his experiences from Foxbar, Rahal’s private recovery guesthouse that’s brought together many hair restoration patients to form permanent bonds, and shared the Rahal experience with Sean, a fellow forum member (and another Rahal success story for another time).

Hats to Cover Hair Loss? For sirius67, No More!

“I’m so happy and so confident. Does anyone know where I can find a hat shredding machine for sale?”

As far as recovery goes, sirius67 was back on track within a few weeks: “Three weeks after my HT I started to play tennis and two months I started working out.”

Still, he had the regular jitters. After being promised miracle cures and magic bullets from stem cells to sugar pills for so long, who could blame him?

“I was so skeptical at the beginning and now I’m so happy and I still cannot believe how natural my hair looks, donor area looks great, scar not detectable, pencil thin. Every time I get a haircut the barber says that I’m the first client with such an undetectable scar, the others weren’t so lucky,” sirius67 wrote.

sirius67 swimming after his hair transplant

sirius67, swimming with a full head of hair.

“My family doctor removed the stitches and he was also impressed,” sirius67 continued.

He ended that post on a high note: “We still have 8 months ahead!!!”

It ended up being an impressive eight months of development. Other members of the Hair Restoration Network forums were suitably impressed, and comparisons to Hugh Jackman, famous for his full head of hair, kept coming up more and more.

His victory celebration came from the fact that he no longer had to hide his male pattern baldness. On the common subject of using hats to cover hair loss, he had this to say: “It’s so true, I’m so happy and so confident. Does anyone know where I can find a hat shredding machine for sale?”

So, how did his story end? Take a look at this photo he posted two and a half years after his hair transplant with Dr. Rahal:

sirius67 two and a half years after hair transplant

sirius67 two and half years after his hair transplant: “Two years and a half since Dr. Rahal changed my life”

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