1 Year

1 Year

Wow it has been a year and what a year it has been. I know my blog name is patiently waiting and I sure did but it gets tough at times. A hair transplant is a great solution to hairloss especially when you go to a surgeon and team of Dr. Rahal’s caliber. I have experienced highs and lows throughout the year and my expectations were definitely met and exceeded. In my experience this hair transplant has given me my hairline back and framed my face and has provided a nice dense look in the frontal 1/3 rd of my head. My challenges are that I like to wear my hair very short and sometimes in really bright light you can see that my hair is at 50% density and the illusion can be fooled. When I grow it out it looks really thick so it is not a problem. It took me a little while to figure this out as I wasn’t sure if I was to expect more growth. Overall though and the most important point is that I am not generally under a lot of bright lights and everyone that I run into can’t believe what a result I have received from this surgery. The result is so natural and Dr. Rahal really hit a homerun when it came to my hairline. When I do get haircuts my scar can be seen at times but only by people who really look for it (people that know I have had the operation). The pics that I am providing are all with a flash and I think the scar jumps out more then it really does in person. I cut my hair down to a level 2-3 on the sides and my barber knows how to work around the scar. My plan in the future is to have one more FUT surgery to correct my crown ( not sure how many more years…hoping another 5-10) and then one last FUE sugery to fill in my scar with hair and to take care of any last areas of need. Dr. Rahal will be the only surgeon of choice for me because of the level of service and patient care I received along with a fantastic result. I do use Minoxidil but do not and will not take Finastride or Propecia or any medicine that can or will alter my hormones. I feel the safest way for me to correct hair loss if through surgery with Dr. Rahal. I have chosen to do this blog for all the people out there that might be possible HT candidates and to show that this surgery really can be a great solution to hair loss. I also want people to know that Dr. Rahal is a terrific surgeon that can probably do this with his eyes closed, that is how easy they make it seem there at his clinic. Its a no brainer to pick him and his team as your surgeons.

Thanks for following my blog and good luck to everyone that is looking for a good solution to hairloss.







  1. Thanks for your post Matt! Your hair is looing awesome 🙂
    I really like the style you have in the pictures as well!
    Please continue to keep in touch, and enjoy your new head of hair!!

  2. WOW!! That is a gorgeous hairline Matt 🙂 Don’t forget your hair will continue to thicken over the next year now that your growth is in. Don’t forget to keep in touch.

  3. Thanks for keeping up with the posts for a full year! Waiting is never easy but so worth it in the end, you have a fantastic result 🙂

  4. Michelle Fraser says

    Your hair looks absolutely terrific!
    So nice to see your seamless results in full bloom!

  5. Looks like your patience was worth it. Great result! Doesn’t look to me like you need any crown work. Many thanks for keeping us updated these past 12 months.

  6. splitting hairs says

    Hi patiently waiting, your results are incredible. You hairline is natural the placement suits you!

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