5 Months

5 Months

Things are looking good but waiting for the hair density to come through. The way I style my hair works well and creates a good illusion. I think for 5 months I am looking good and look forward for more growth and maturity to the transplanted hairs. I just received a haircut at low level 3 again. The scar isn’t too visible but hair still needs to grow in so you can’t tell that anything has been done. I feel like I pretty much have all of my feeling back in all parts of my head. Donor area feels great and is a non factor. All pictures were taken with a flash. I am very happy thus far with the procedure and results and I hope for more to come.



  1. Hi! Thanks for updating your pictures. Looks really great!
    I’ll be “patiently waiting” for your next update 🙂
    Call me if you have any questions.

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