9 Months

9 Months

These were taken right around the Nine month mark but I am just getting to posting. I am not noticing too many changes as of this point but overall I am very happy. Dr. Rahal does a great job with the placement of hair to create a great illusion of density.

My transplanted hair is about 50% density and provides a pretty good look overall in most lighting but under harsh light its more visible. I still think Dr. Rahal just has a great vision on what suits each patient best and I am very happy with hairline and the natural look he and his staff achieved during my surgery.

I still receive post-op calls from Tara every month and text messages from Mike (the head technician) from time to time. They really do care about providing the best service and care and anyone who visits and will have a first class experience.





  1. Great pictures! Thanks for your post!

  2. Lookin’ good! Nice high quality photos there. Thanks for the update.

  3. You must be absolutely thrilled with your transformation! Your hair looks TERRIFIC!! Congratulations on the incredible result! Although you certainly don’t need it, I hope your hair continues to thicken and mature even more for you over the next 6-9 months, as your results when compared to your pre-op photos are a night and day difference!!!



  4. Wow, looking good! I can’t wait to see the 12 month results.

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