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Day 16

Sutures came out at 14 days but just took pics of the donor. All pictures were taken with flash. Numbness gets better every day. A little itchy around the donor area but nothing too bothersome. I am very happy so fay but I know the toughest part is coming up. I haven’t taken a real shower in regards to washing my hair, I am going to go a little while longer using Dr. Rahal’s post op cleaning. The scabbing was mostly all gone by day 10 and I beleive that was due to the saline solution being sprayed on almost every two hours and vitamin e oil twice a day. Everything looks to be healing really well. Everyone that looks at my hair can’t even tell wehere the transplant took place, except for the donor area. Dr. Rahal and his team are extraordinary.


Day 14

Everything is looking good I guess. Recipient area is still numb not much scabs left. The vitamin e oil worked great post op. It was a little bit messy as it runs on to your forehead but it was not too big of a deal.

Day 12

Day 9

I have been keeping the grafts in the recipient area very moist because I still had a lot of dried up blood from the surgery on the recipient site. I was able to gently massage a lot of this and the scabs off. A few scabs came off with a tiny hair but I was very gentle and delicate. Overall everything seems to be going well so far.

1 Week

Day 3 at Dr. Rahal’s Office Pictures with my Camera

Day 2 Post-Op

Swelling and black eye pics. I am not sure how many people swell up but I did so do not be alarmed if it happens to you. It starts at the top of the head and works it way down so everyday a part of you face will go down a new part will swell up. It will go away within 5-6 days.

Day 1

The first night was tough and uncomfortable to sleep but the percocet really relieves the pain. A soft airline pillow definitely helps and I used one for the first few weeks after surgery to sleep with. I wanted to show these pictures because I had some pretty good swelling going on the first few days after the operation. It was not painful just very unpleasant to look at.

Pre-op Pics

3744 FUT Write-up Surgery Date 01/17/12

Surgey took place on January 17th 2012 and 3,744 grafts were transplanted. The grafts breakdown was 751 ones, 2292 twos, 701 threes. Total hair was 7,438. The surgery started around 9 a.m. and finished after 4 p.m.

Dr. Rahal and his staff were amazing and it was a very easy and smooth procedure. I would rather go through that experience than go to the dentist. Dr. Rahal measured my head and told me that he was going to design a hairline and that we can adjust it, but I looked at what he had drawn and did not make any changes. I didn’t even show him any previous pictures. I was amazed! I asked him if we needed to do any temple work and he said my temples were fine. He said that my hair shafts are pretty thick so I should see some good density once the final results come. I then went in for pre-op pictures, then to the operating room and was given a tranquilizer which I didnt even notice the shot. My head was then shaved and then the numbing shots came. These really are not bad at all just a minor discomfort but nothing to discourage anyone. The strip was taken out and sutured by Dr. Rahal I would say in less than a half an hour and I couldn’t feel a thing. The next step was the incisions and this is where the skills and genius of Dr. Rahal come into play. You do not feel anything but you will hear a crunching noise each time he pokes the scalp. I then watched two movies while the planting took place which took close to five hours I believe. The staff is very efficient and they made sure I was comfortable the whole time. I had to get numbing shots a few times throughout the planting process.

Overall great experience as far as surgery and post-op care were by the clinic. I am just hoping like any person that has just had this procedure that I achieve good results in the end. I am not taking any Propecia or Finastride as I would rather just have surgeries to correct my hairloss and do not feel like taking a drug for the rest of my life. I will go back to Dr. Rahal in the future as I feel he is one of the best in world at his job, and I feel that I am in good hands when I am at his clinic. Mike his head nurse is AWESOME!