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Possible causes of hair loss in women

Hair loss might be seen as more of a male problem, but almost as many women experience thinning hair. It is most common in women aged 50 plus but can effect women of any age, writes Tammy Worth of webmd.com

Unlike male pattern baldness, where frontal recession or a bald spot occurs, women tend to experience thinning over the top of the head and often the first sign is when a part in the hair becomes noticeably wider.

According to webMD, Blood tests should be taken by your doctor to rule out thyroid or autoimmune diseases, and if those tests are all clear then the most likely cause is female pattern hair loss.

Under close inspection using magnification, a specialist can look for miniaturization. This is when the hairs grow back thinner than before and eventually stop growing altogether.

Family history can be useful too. Having a mother, grandmother or aunt with hair loss will give some indication that hereditary hair loss runs in the family.

If hair loss is sudden then it could be due to a medical condition such as polycystic ovary syndrome or skin diseases like psoriasis or dermatitis. Stress, physical trauma or dramatic weight loss can also trigger loss of hair.

It’s important to remember that treating your hair badly can cause it to be lost too. Wearing braids or a pony tail too tightly can cause traction alopecia and the chemicals in dyes can be harsh on hair.

Thankfully, these types of non-hereditary hair loss are in many cases reversible.

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