1 Month 1 Week

1 Month 1 Week

Hello everyone,

I’m at the 1 month mark, 1 week mark.  All the transplanted hairs have shed at this point and I am squarely in the middle of the doldrums stage.  The remaining hair in the thinning areas is hair from my first HT.

Pain: The pain and irritation in the donor area have subsided altogether.  I still feel some numbness in the recipient area, but based on my last HT experience, this is normal.

Redness: The recipient area is still slightly red, but this is due to my pale complexion.

Shockloss: I didn’t have any shockloss after this procedure.  I had a good amount in the recipient and donor area after my HT with Bosley, so the lack of it this time was a nice surprise.

Scar:  I no longer have any tightness in the donor area, and I cannot find the scar.  I know this means nothing and I will have to wait until the 6-7 month mark to see the final result.

Overall state: So far, so good.

Pictures: I have included four pictures.  They are of somewhat poor quality, so I’m going to look into different image producing options before my next update.


  1. Thanks for your update and pictures! Looks and sounds like you are right on track.

    Keep us posted on your progress 🙂

  2. Everything looks great. You cant even tell you had anything done at this point; now it is just the waiting game and trust me its well worth it!

    Thanks for the update!

  3. Everything is looking great! Keep us posted! Excited to see the final result 🙂

  4. You look just about how you did before the procedure. You should be able to cover the area with the rest of your hair, and – before you know it – you won’t be needing to hide it anymore!

  5. Thanks all!

    It’s unbelievable….I can’t believe I had a hair transplant less than two months ago! The healing process has been a breeze this time.

    The doldrums suck…but at least the transplanted hair from the Bosley procedure is starting to grow out now…so I can wear my hair up instead of the combover.

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