Pre-Op Pics in Work/Social Situations

Pre-Op Pics in Work/Social Situations

These pre-op pics are posted to show how I styled my hair for work and social situations before any hair transplants were conducted (note: I don’t use concealers).  Since the forelock and areas behind the recession were still strong, I was able to fill in the recessed areas by pushing the hair from the forelock to each side and then comb the hair behind to the front.  The only time someone would notice my recession was when I cut my hair short or during a windy day.  Even the transplant surgeons that I visited initially thought I was crazy until I lifted  the  “combover” from my recessed areas.  They all agreed (independently) that I had good hair characteristics (wavy/curly hair and low hair/scalp contrast) which created a nice “full head of hair” illusion. 


  1. It does look like you could hide it well. Those hair characteristics will work in your favour and your final result should be pretty amazing!

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