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As It Happens

Rahal patients are everywhere! Meet some of our patients from around the world as they document their results on popular hair transplant forums in real time, as it happens.

Over the years, many of Dr Rahal’s hair restoration results have been presented at Some are uploaded by us and many are posted by happy patients wanting to share their experience with the online community. Knowing it can be hard to sift through everything, we decided to compile them into one thread for easy reference.
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‘NEWHAIRPLEASE’ has always been excited about his procedure and that enthusiasm was contagious at, with the community eagerly awaiting his next update. Well, now he has delivered with his 9-month photos and is looking great!
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KeithH, a patient from Ireland, had hairline recession and diffuse thinning in a Norwood 5A pattern. Dr Rahal extracted 3624 grafts which were used to restore his hairline and add density back to the mid-scalp. A lot of members were following his progress with interest and it’s exciting to see what a huge change has occurred since his last update.
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In 2010, poster ‘cant decide’  from Connecticut, USA, had a large procedure with Dr Rahal totaling 5229 grafts. He has always been generous with the updates and here he shares some photos to show how natural his hair looks in everyday situations.
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As many of you know, on September 28th Adamo underwent the first robotic hair transplant procedure in Canada. This technology has drawn a lot of interest and Adamo promised to update us with his photos and thoughts along the way.
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Anouar has been posting to for over five years now, and in 2010 he underwent a procedure for 4264 grafts with Dr Rahal. He still gets requests for updates, and here he shows us he has no trouble pulling off a longer hair style.
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