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I can’t say enough about my SMP (scalp micro-pigmentation) experience with Fiona at Dr. Rahal’s Ottawa location. I started losing my hair as a teen and dreamed of the day that I would have enough funds to get a hair transplant. Cue my discovery of SMP years later after trying all of the home remedies and drugstore hair tonics. Thankfully I found an experienced technician in Fiona not too far from my home. She facilitated a smooth “hair” restoration process with grace and great proficiency. No longer is my face poorly framed, no longer do I need haircuts, and no longer do I waste moments staring at a deeply receded hairline in the mirror. Offered at a much lower cost than standard hair transplantation, SMP has helped me regain my confidence. To anyone content with the shaved head look, I wholeheartedly endorse Fiona as a hair loss solution.
Patrick Colford
Patrick Colford
The best. Will have to make an update in the future its been 8 years and 100percent happy with this mans work.
dee cheng
dee cheng
Good place. I did over 3000 graft first time for front. I am now going back to do the back of my head. I’ve read some bad reviews from other ppl, no idea what you are talking about. Dr Rahal did the surgery himself on me. Results good! All staff excellent!! Thank you guys!!!
Nikola Deric
Nikola Deric
The best in the business.
Tarry Able
Tarry Able
Beyond happy with my experience at Rahal Clinic. Not only regained an aggressive hairline back, but also confidence and joy! Well worth the money, I would recommend Rahal to anyone considering a FUE hair transplant.
soussan sleiman
soussan sleiman
Dr. Rahal is professional, honest and listens to all my concerns and needs. His staff are amazing and friendly. It's been a year since my hair transplant surgery and the results are incredible. Many thanks to Dr. Rahal and his team.
EverSun Power
EverSun Power
Great SMP experience. Fantastic results
George Join
George Join
How are these results even possible! Dr. Rahal and his team are absolutely incredible. I was debating going to Turkey for the cheap price but my buddy went to a "top end" clinic there and got his donor area absolutely butchered. Decided to spend the extra money and get the Rahal result and it is the best decision I have ever made!!
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12 Months Post Op!...

At 12 months the hairline now exactly matches the shape immediately after the procedure.I'm certainly more than happy with the final look and certainty made the right decision choosing Dr Rahal.

Jason - Victoria, Australia

The Brows Have Changed My Life!...

It really change my life. I highly recommend the procedure and worth every penny!

Bev - Saskatoon, Canada


My Experience Was First Class All the Way!...

Dr. Rahal and his staff are by far the best in the world! I had fue done and am 1 year post op with incredible results. I had 4 strips from other well known doctors and none of them compare to Rahal!

Timothy - Rapid city, United States

My Hair Loss Isn’t a Problem Anymore!...

My grafts have grown fast, I can now have the hair style I want ! I still apply minoxidil once a day and the shampoo RegenePure, and I know I will continue until a long long time. I am very satisfied!

Vince - Montreal, Canada


Very Happy With the Results!!...

I really couldn't be happier with the results. Dr. Rahal and everyone there truly did a great job and I feel so much better than I did prior to the procedure. Can't thank you all enough!

Nick - Toronto, Canada

9 Months Post Op!...

I'm really happy with the results! Even if my results at the 9 month post-op are the final results I would be more than satisfied!

Rick - Toronto, Canada

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