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4 Reasons to Consider a Hair Transplant

To transplant or not to transplant?

To some, the decision is as easy as choosing where to go on vacation, but for most it is more difficult than that. For those thinking twice about it, here are some reasons to consider saying yes.

1. Something is Missing…

Waking up every morning and checking how much hair is still there is not a healthy way to start the day. When something preoccupies your time sometimes it’s a good idea to reevaluate what is important in your life.

Most people would link a hair transplant to being vain, but let’s face it: people generally don’t buy new cars to only get them from point A to B. We like to have nice things; they help us feel good about why we work so hard. So why would hair transplant be any different?

If a hair transplant can improve a person’s wellbeing then there should be no questions asked when one is considered. It is not a sign of weakness or insecurity. In fact, someone taking the time to help their self esteem should be praised for having the power to go improve their quality of life.

There are many successful actors who have had a hair transplant. These are men who are in constant spot light and have still made the decision to go ahead with it, even if it meant the world knowing. For example, Burt Reynolds, Tom Arnold, Kenny Rogers, and even celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay are said to be some of the many who have undergone the procedure.

Of course it’s possible for many bald men to be considered attractive; it’s still important to be comfortable in your own skin. If you feel like something is missing and you feel exposed having hair loss then maybe it’s time to ditch the hat and reclaim what you have lost.

2. Talk to the Face, Not the Forehead

An important part of proper social etiquette is having direct eye contact when in a conversation. It is extremely uncomfortable looking someone in the eye and having them look north (or south in some cases, but this is another discussion entirely). The general rule is when they have nothing more interesting to look at and have good manners then they will look you in the eyes.

Having said that, if you are speaking to someone and they are staring at your forehead it will even make the most secure individual squirm inwardly. A nice hairline is a solution to this problem; it keeps the face framed nicely and helps prevent companion’s eyes from drifting north.

Generally when hair loss occurs on the top of the head or the crown, even significantly, your appearance stays the same. Once the hairline itself starts to recede then the whole dynamic of your face can change. It’s like eyebrows; we don’t usually take notice of them, but there they are, framing your eyes. If something changed about them (color, style, disappear altogether) then the whole look of your face will be altered.

Once the hairline itself starts to recede then the whole dynamic of your face can change [tweet this]

Think of a painting; it could be the most fantastic painting ever, but if it is just slapped on the wall without a frame it doesn’t matter how amazing it is. Take a drab painting and put it in a high quality frame and you can have a work of art. When a hairline properly frames the forehead then people eyes will naturally be drawn to yours.

3. First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

Everyone says not to judge a book by its cover, unfortunately they do anyways. It takes about 3 seconds for someone to look you up and down and decide what kind of person they think you are. Once they get to know you it doesn’t always turn out to be accurate, if they take the time to get to know you.

There comes a time in a person’s life when a first impression is extremely important, like dating for instance. The first time you see your date is important, that’s why we try so hard for first dates. We wear our best clothes, best cologne/perfume, and style our hair. It has been proven that men and women prefer a partner with a full head of hair because unfortunately this is associated with health and youth. This is a very common misconception because men can start balding at a very young age and it generally has nothing to do with their health.

4. Comb-over? What Comb-over?

We’ve all seen them; the men who try hold on to the hair they have, so they grow it extra long and slick it over their heads from one side to the other. Not sure how this became a solution to hair loss in some men but the infamous comb-over is seen too often. There comes a time when they can no longer convince anyone that there is a full head of hair underneath this wave.

Donald Trump is a very good example of a comb-over. We’ve always wondered if anyone has actually told him that it is time to let it go. If you are sporting this popular cover up look and you think it’s coming to a point where you are running low on hair to use then it may be time for you to consider a hair transplant.

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Jessica Marini is a Patient Care Coordinator at Rahal. She is always looking out for the latest industry news to help better educate patients. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and her two rescue dogs Benji and Lily.

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