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Did Salman Khan Have a Hair Transplant?

Picture of Salom Khan before his hair transplant

Early on in his career, khan clearly has a full hairline.

There is certainly buzz surrounding this Bollywood bad boys head, from a supposedly botched hair transplant, rumored body hair transplant and even synthetic hair transplants. All this and I haven’t even mentioned his obsession with wigs yet!

This man is clearly a master of disguise. I have never seen one man go from receding to a full head of hair then bald in a matter of weeks.

Salman Khan has been compared to the likes of Tom Cruise (Hollywood vs. Bollywood ) and was voted Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. Unfortunately that sex symbol status was threatened by severe hair loss.

It is apparent in 2002 that Khan has started to show slight recession, which quickly progressed. This is when the rumors of his first procedure started. Subsequently this is also when he first shaved his head, an indication to me not of a hair transplant but of a balding man trying to conceal his hair loss.

By 2002 Khan is clearly showing signs of recession.

I stumbled across a photo with an obvious linear scar, so we know he had a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) procedure at some point. He was seen with a much lower hairline in 2003…we seem to have our answer!

As seen in this photo taken sometime between 2005-2007 there is clearly a scar from a strip procedure.

When you look at the family history, it is clear there is recession on his father’s side – although neither brother appears to be as affected by it as Salmon was.

I would classify Salman’s father as a Norwood IV. Salman should speak to his physician regarding medications such as Propecia to prevent further hair loss.

I would venture to say that by 2007 Khan underwent his second procedure and seems to have opted for FUE this time around. As for the rumors of it being a body hair transplant, well that is purely speculation. I’m not even going to touch the whispers about his transplant being synthetic in nature – all I can say is EEK!

It is clear to see that in this 2013 photo of Khan he has had a hair transplant.

So here it is. I’m standing by my position that Khan has had two hair transplant procedures and an affinity for wigs. Think he would let me borrow one?

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