Photo & Blog Updates

Eight Months Post-Op

Here is my eight month update. Things are looking great. Check back for updates.

My advice… Quit waiting and do something about your situation. The more you wait the more time you lose the many years you waste thinking about hair loss the more stress you cause the more hairs you lose the more you miss out on on the good things in life.

My hair loss greatly impacted me.  Self Esteem, Anxiety, etc.  Made me less social.  Less willing to do something.  Dependent on caps and toppik.  A bad hair day could cause a disruption of plans.  The list can keep going.

Six Months Post-Op Outdoor Shots

Here are some outdoor shots.

Six Months Post-Op

Six months post-op. Check back for updates.


Five Months Post-Op

I am going to get a haircut in a couple of days with a clip 1 fade to show the donor and get the top trimmed evenly.  For now, this is my 5 month post op update.

Four Months Post-Op

Three Months Post-Op

Two Months Post-Op

These shots were taken by Dr. Rahal during my follow up appointment with him in NY.  As for the donor area, most of it seems healed, however, I do have some shock loss I believe on the right side of my donor area as compared to the rest of the donor.  I guess it is still healing and I hope it is temporary.

Please comment and let me know how you think the hairline looks/donor looks so far.  Thanks.

One-Month Post-op

Took some photos today. Please let me know what you think so far. These photos are one month post op.

A Few Days Post-Op

Here is what I looked like a few days post-op.

Post-Op Photos Right After Surgery

Here are my post-op photos right after surgery.