Introducing 3D® SMP Micropigmentation 

The most natural looking scalp micropigmentation ever

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American Hair Loss Association

3D SMP - Ideal for anyone with thinning hair and hair transplant scars

Made to conceal hair transplant scars and make thinning hair look thicker, 3D SMP helps bring back your confidence so you can enjoy life again without constantly worrying about your hair.

Thinning Hair

thinning hair

Makes your hair look thicker, instantly - so you can style your hair the way you like. 

Horseshoe Shadow

horseshoe shadow

Eliminates your horseshoe shadow - so you can rock the crisp, clean shaved look.

Strip Scar

fut scar smp

Conceals your ear-to-ear strip scar - so you can cut your hair short at the sides and back.

Female Hair Loss

female density

Reduces the contrast between the hair and the scalp with colour - so you can confidently let your hair down.

FUE Scars

fue scar smp

Fills in your dot-like FUE scars - so you can enjoy the freedom of shaving your head.

Dr. Rahal, Medical Director, Rahal

Our promise to you...

We promise 3D scalp micropigmentation will...

  • Conceal your ear-to-ear strip scar
  • Fill in your dot-like FUE scar
  • Make your hair look thicker, instantly 
  • Eliminate your horseshoe shadow

.... or your money back.


What our patients are saying...

"My wife's reaction was priceless..."

smp lifestyle

"She could not believe what a difference the treatment made and how it looked like I had just shaved my head with a natural, complete hairline and no more massive bald spot. [...] It's crazy how natural it looks and I am beyond impressed with the entire process. I would recommend scalp micro pigmentation to anyone losing their hair."  

- Dr. Rory Turner, Toronto, Ontario

"Couldn't be happier with SMP results!"

smp lifestyle

"Simply put, my Rahal 3D SMP treatment was the best 3K I've ever spent. Losing my hair, and just looking bald was so depressing. I did not have enough donor hair for a transplant, so it was really great to find out about the 3D SMP option. Thanks Dr. Rahal for offering this treatment, and Fiona for your skilled artistry. I couldn't be more pleased."

- Shep1993

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