Spencer Kobren Inspires Hope for Hair Loss Sufferers

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A picture of Spencer David Kobren hosting The Bald Truth radio show.

Spencer Kobren hosts a nationally syndicated radio program (Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth) for hair loss sufferers.”Our goal is to provide the truth to the public,” said Spencer, who is committed to fighting the silent epidemic of male pattern baldness.

Spencer Kobren is a hair loss consumer advocate

“This guy is here to help people and he seems to be helping a lot of guys. I consider Dr. Rahal one of the top hair surgeons in the world.”

Spencer David Kobren, 47, is the founder and president of The American Hair Loss Association (AHLA) and The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS). He is author of the international bestseller, The Bald Truth and hosts a nationally syndicated radio program, Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth. “Our goal is to provide the truth to the public,” said Spencer. “When people contact us for help, we try to guide them in a safe direction.”

Spencer shares his own experience with hair loss

Spencer said he first noticed hair loss when he was just 21. “I wasn’t prepared at such a young age. I was devastated. Hair loss affected the way I felt about myself. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin, and it became more difficult to enjoy life. There are some people I have known my entire life who noticed I was depressed.”

A picture of Spencer Kobren talking about his book: The Bald Truth.

Spencer talks about his devastating hair loss experience and navigating the hair loss industry, which drove him to write the international best seller, The Bald Truth. “I was devastated,” said Spencer. “There are people I have known my entire life who noticed that I was depressed.”

“My hair loss regime has worked for years”

At the age of 22, Spencer said that he was determined to find a solution for his hair loss. Spencer started using Finasteride to prevent further thinning. He still uses Finasteride today and creatively styles his hair. “My hair loss regimen has worked fairly well for years, but obviously it’s not perfect. I use, besides medication, a cosmetic concealer to cover the crown.”

Spencer speaks candidly about the hair loss industry

“When I was young I went to an agency in the US, and at the time they basically sold wigs. But they don’t tell you it’s a wig place,” said Spencer. “They were trying to sell me a hair piece when really there was nowhere to put it; I would have to shave my head to wear it!”

That’s when Spencer said that he discovered the hair loss industry for the most part was a big con. “They were taking advantage of young people who were dealing with hair loss. So I decided to write a book, The Bald Truth, about my experience trying to navigate the hair loss industry. I was lucky enough to show my book to Simon & Schuster back in 1997, and it was published in 1998. It’s been published in five languages now.”

Spencer talks about how The Bald Truth opened doors to new and exciting ventures. “I was getting a lot of interviews from my book and started to do some radio work. I was on a well-known radio talk show in New York and the program director suggested I could do this every week. The next thing I knew I’m hosting my own radio show, Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth.”

A picture of Dr. Rahal drawing a hairline on one of his patients.

Dr. Rahal has been nicknamed the “King of Hairlines” by his patients and online hair transplant communities. He is also recommended by The American Hair Loss Association. “I consider Dr. Rahal one of the top hair surgeons in the world,” said Spencer.

“I want to guide hair loss sufferers in a safe direction”

Success from Spencer’s book and radio show evolved into The American Hair Loss Association and IAHRS recommended surgeons. “I decided to start a non-profit organization, basically to provide hair loss sufferers a safe place,” said Spencer. “Hair loss sufferers could get useful information on doctors, the industry and about hair loss in general, without selling any products or services.”

“Dr. Rahal is one of the top hair surgeons in the world”

Spencer recommends only consulting with truly qualified hair transplant surgeons and explained that Dr. Rahal is highly recommended by the AHLA. “I’ve seen the infrastructure of his practice and watched him evolve over time. This guy is here to help people and he seems to be helping a lot of guys. In my view he’s doing some stellar work and it’s really consistent. I consider Dr. Rahal one of the top hair surgeons in the world.”

If you are worried about your hair loss and need professional advice call 1-877-551-2171 NOW and schedule your FREE hair consultation.

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