All right, 2 months….

All right, 2 months….

Well, even if I shaved my head again when stitches were taken off on day 14 to help with scar maintenance, I can say that 1 1/2 month later, the scar is completely covered by the hair and therefore has disapeared.

Recipient area is still a bit pink, some of the hair is definitely starting to grow and scalp feels like a 2 day beard upon touch therefore more stubs should appear soon. Been having a few ingrown hairs and was told to leave them alone.

Looking forward to more coverage….




  1. Good to hear that the scar is covered. Those ingrown hairs should start popping through soon. Thanks for the update!

  2. Thanks for the update! That’s great that your scar is not visible. Sounds like you are right on track with healing.

    Look forward to more posts in the future! Keep in touch 🙂

  3. The scar looks to be healing well. It will continue to get better and better but at this point its looking good! Thanks for the update and if you need anything anytime let us know!

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