All right, day 11….

All right, day 11….

Was a pretty boring week 🙂 I’m one of those guys that have the hardest time sitting still. So being at home and doing nothing was a great challenge to me !!  Working out is part of my life and I usually have a hard time sleeping whenever I have to miss a work-out !!! Even if I have the best excuse ever, I still feel guilty. But there’s no way I’ll jeopardize the results of my operation,  therefore I just shake it off !!!

Now, here’s my findings…. first, I guess my results are similar to others at this period. No hair has fallen yet, but then again, on my previous operations, I kept most of my transplanted hair and only watched the ”natural hair’ fall due to shock loss. But as stated on my previous post, the procedures were not even close in graft numbers and the impact on the scalp was much less important. But I’m still wishfull and hope I’ll be lucky again.

When I wash my hair I can see all the dead skin most likely due to swelling just hang on the short hair and looks like oatmeal… no wonder it itches so much. On the scar side, I got some analgesic polysporin that I apply after my evening wash before going to bed. Last night was my first application and I slept much better. Can’t wait till this coming thursday to get the stitches off…… Will sure feel good !!!

Now, onto the supplied pics…. You’ll most likely see familiar results if you’ve looked around at the other guys stories. However, the scabs on the middle of my head are due to my banging my head on a faucet head on day 4 as I wanted to lean forward to have my wife complete the clipping around the scar to ease the polysporin application. Can you imagine how much I  freaked out  when I stood up to see a flow of blood coming down my forehead !!!! So I called the clinic and they asked me to come down….. Good thing I’m only half an hour away !!! They immediately took me in and ”fixed” the damage. A total of 7 grafts had been dislodged.


Sorry about the picture quality !!!


Later !!!


  1. Aw, man! I bet you cursed when you hit your head. Not the first time I’ve heard about patients doing that in the first couple of weeks after their procedure.

    And I’m betting that until that moment you very rarely banged your head!

  2. Thanks for your post! I know these first few weeks are tough, but you will be back and working out in no time 🙂 … ans shortly after that you will have a great head of hair as well!!

  3. Thanks for your pictures! It’s a good thing you called us when you hit your head, it’s important to let us know when these things happen so we can help 🙂

  4. It’s all good Tara, a few months will only help in completely recovering from a few old injuries that I was neglecting. At least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself with 🙂

    But early december I’ll definitely start the cardio again…. Normally lean down in february, but hey……

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