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Stopping Hair Loss with Good Oral Health

According to researchers from the Department of Stomatology at the University of Granada in Spain, there is a relationship between dental disease and hair loss.

The study was featured in the British Dental Journal and claimed researchers noticed how alopecia areata, a type of hair loss thought to be auto-immune in nature, is closely associated with dental infections.

Researchers strongly advise anyone with a case of alopecia areata to schedule an appointment with their dentist for a thorough examination.

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About Chad Cooper

Chad Cooper is a Senior Patient Advisor at Rahal. He has been consulting and advising patients on hair loss for over 6 years. Educating our patients on what is right for them in combating their hair loss continues to be his top priority. He is a huge film buff, sports fan and has always been passionate about Personal Development, Health and Fitness.

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