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Study finds bald cats to be friendliest breed

Telegraph writer Jasper Copping recently wrote about a study published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior which ranked breeds of cats from the most affectionate to the least.

The friendliest was found to be the hairless sphinx cat. Other pedigrees with high scores include, Birmans, Somalis, Siamese, Russian Blues and exotic short-hairs. Overall, the friendliest cats are pedigrees.

Why? The study showed that pedigree breeders tended to leave the kittens with their mothers during the crucial time when the kittens are adapting to humans. Also, it could simply be a matter of breeders selecting friendlier cats for breeding.

The study found that the most unfriendly cat is actually the most common (the non-pedigree, crossbred, domestic short-haired cat) and most likely to ignore their owners and run from strangers.

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