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The 411 on hair conditioners

Stephanie Watson from Web MD gives the 411 on hair conditioners and how to recognize the right one based on your hair type.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right conditioner:

1. Listen to your stylist!

Your stylist can help you pick the right conditioner that is good for your hair by taking into consideration what chemical treatments you’ve had and your hair texture.

2. Use a colour-safe conditioner

You can get an extra two weeks out of your hair colour by using the right colour-safe conditioner to maintain a brighter blonde and bolder brunette.

Look for labels that contain the terms, ‘colour extend’ and ‘sulfate-free’, as they guard against washing and over styling (two main reasons for fading hair colour). Also, UVA/UVB protection prevents fading from the sun.

3. Use the proper conditioner for your hair type. 

For women with big hair, use a heavy conditioner to help control and smooth out your hair to keep it from being frizzy.

For those with fine hair, use a light conditioner because a smoothing treatment can leave your hair feeling greasy and limp.

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