Photo & Blog Updates

5 Months

Photos aren’t greatly lit but still give a pretty good idea of my progress… 5mmnthsfront2 5monthsfront 5monthside1 5monthsside1

4 Months

Im at 4 months and it seems to be growing in faster and faster. Excited to see what it will look like at 5 months. I used some product to push back some of my native hair so you can see the recipient area growth a little better. The last picture is all my hair in a natural position. I also included 3 photos of my hair semi-wet and completely wet at the very bottom.

front4month1 side1month4 side2month4   front2month4




month4wet wetmonth4


3 Months

Slowly coming in…. I expect growth to really accelerate in the next couple months!

3monthfront side2month3 side13month

2 Months

Getting some pimples on my head but that is expected for some patients… Growth seems to be on par given the stage of my transplant. (correct?)

frontmonth2 month2side1 month2side2

1 Month

Native Hair is growing back in (not as much as before I don’t think) and a lot of transplanted hair has shed. Now I wait…


Day 14

Sutures were removed today, and I took my first shower.


day14front day14side1 day14side2

Day 8

day8 day8left day8rgt

Day 6

day6 day6alt

Day 4


Day 3

day3 day3alt2day3alt