Graft Count : 2,848

Procedure Type : FUT

Hello all who are interested!

I won’t be doing a lot of writing in my posts, but I decided to do this blog for the main reasons of tracking my growth progress, as well as to give others interested in hair transplant a chance to visually see a timeline of the whole process. I WILL say that I am completely impressed with Dr. Rahal and his entire staff up to this point in my journey. I would recommend him for both his professionalism and for the fact that he is one of the best hair transplant surgeons on the planet, and I truly believe that.


  1. Thanks for starting up your blog! Having a visual timeline of your experience will no doubt be helpful for others considering a transplant. Looks like your progress is right on track so far. It’s a bit of a waiting game early on, but I’m really looking forward to seeing your future photo updates!! 🙂

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