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Tom Brady Hair Transplant Rumors

The next chapter in our series has less to do with movies and more to do with sports – football to be exact. Now being born and raised in Canada I have to say I am more of a hockey fan but give me a good looking quarterback to talk about and game on.

Tom Brady is the quarterback for the New England Patriots and one of the only two QB’s to lead their team to five Super Bowls. On top of all that he has 3 children; the first with actress Bridget Moynahan and the other two with his wife, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Now some say that the beautiful Gisele is the reason that Tom is sporting his new Justin Bieber ‘do’, but do you think his hair is simply longer or do you think he had a hair transplant?

Tom could have had a hair transplant, but then again, anyone with Gisele Bundchen hanging on their arm would be deemed more desirable. Personally I don’t know what would be more costly, a hair transplant or supermodel wife.

My sources say he was pressured by his wife to fix his receding hairline and since he reportedly may have had a transplant just 5 weeks before the end of the season then it does seem unlikely that he chose to have undergone a procedure. Even with having an FUE procedure, which has a shorter recovery time, he would still need to take a few weeks off to conceal the procedure from others as he heals.

All of these rumors started when his car was reportedly spotted in the parking lot of a building that contained the office of a Rhode Island hair transplant surgeon. During my research I discovered only a few articles admitting that this was also the office of a chiropractor. Seems crazy that an NFL quarterback would need to see a chiropractor right?

I personally think this one is a simple choice but if you think otherwise please enlighten me. Take a look at photos from the past few years up until now and let me know. Do you think Tom Brady had a hair transplant?

Once again, cast your vote and let’s see what everyone thinks!

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