3 months post surgery today at Rahals!

3 months post surgery today at Rahals!

Hey guys. So today is precicely 3 months since I had the HT done at Rahals in Ottawa. Aaaand finally the transplanted hair is starting to slowly show itself!

The past months has been obviously with the ht-hair falling out etc, and the “bald” period, plus nerves in my donor area growing back etc. I did have some pain in the donor area when I “hit” it, or touched it roughly, but that pain is actually fully gone now and I do not have a numb feeling in the donor area nor any painful feel. In fact it now feels like it did before and I have all feeling back and do not feel any difference than to before, which is great. So this too, has gone very well.

The scar, I’ve been giving e-vitamin cream every night, and it seems to be starting to help on it. It’s now just a red line, and quite nice looking after only 3 months. I’m going to keep adding the e-vitamin on it every night. I’m thinking that it’ll help the redness eventually go away. The scar itself is a thin line actually, it’s only the red colour that “shows” it, but it’s no way possible to see and even now I feel like I could actually have relatively short hair. Only the really close down cuts, would show the scar as it is now, because of its red colour, and hey, who wants that haircut anyways. I went to Rahal to be able to finally get the thick hair-do that I’ve always wanted, without being nervous of how windy the weather was outside etc. which has been my story for now, plus always getting the “hide the temples”-haircut. So you can imagine how it feels when I see actual hair starting to pop out in the hairtransplanted area now! I mean, that’s what it’s suppose to do, but really, it’s like you dont believe it untill it actually happens. You wonder if you’ll be that 1 out of a million whom it does not work for or something. So I tell you, it’s quite the experience when you suddenly start seeing REAL HAIR growing in your former naked temple area!

The new growing of the hair, which I were told would beging after 3 months, It’s like it went really fast as soon as I hit the 11 week mark! And today, 3 months after, I really see the new hair out. and if I’m standing in a darker room, I can almost see the new hairline being my actual new hairline. So this is really really something.
I’m really surpriced of how fast the new hairs have started to grow! Like it happened suddenly and fast. I’ve posted pictures, of the process so far.
I’m so exited of what it’s going to look like in 2 more months.
But this is it. It’s starting to grow out now. What I’ve been waiting on since the surgery. Well, since high school really. It’s happening now. 


hair4 hair5 hair6


  1. Thanks for your updates! Looks like things are right on track 🙂
    Now is when the real fun starts!! Really excited to see how the growth comes in over the next 3 months – keep us posted!

  2. Thank you Tara, it’s is indeed very fun now yes and I will keep you posted alot! Promise! I’m surpriced how fast it actually starts to grow, and how much hair has come out already after the first three months post op. I thought it would take longer, but it was like it suddenly just started to pop out very fast after those 2 months and some weeks. Amazing. I’ll post again in a few days when I hit the 4 months post op mark. 😀

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