4 months after surgery

4 months after surgery

Hey again,

so now I hit the 4 month mark! And as you can see, it’s growing and has grown since last month too. in fact it is starting to get long now, and I’ve actually warn it uncovered. It looks like my new natural hairline now. How brilliant is that. Can’t wait for the density to get higher. It’s all a very exiting period now I think, and I’m almost starting to forget my old high temple hairline, and adapting to this new one! It still feels completely crazy nice though, and I will never ever complain about having a bad hairday when this has grown out full. Never again. I’m in Rome, Italy, now, and most men here have a full heads of hair that they’ve grown out long, which I really like. They really appreciate having hair and use it to the full, not cutting a good set of full hair down to 3 mms as I see in my country. great and inspiring to walk amongs all those full hair headed men here and feel that soon I’m there too. Thanks for reading guys. Will post again every month!

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  1. Thanks for your update! Now is an exciting time indeed! Can’t wait to see the growth by your 6 month mark!!

  2. Do you use anything like propecia or vitamins

  3. Hey there,

    No I don’t use propecia and I also do not use rogain. I got bumps from using Rogain, so I stopped using it. I think I sprayed it on the area for about maximum 4 times or something. My skin couldn’t take it, and I was too afraid that the bumps would hurt the transplanted grafts, so I didn’t want to take any chances. So, nope, no rogain, but I do use vitamin B, C and E, plus some glucosamine MSM chondroitin that was recommended at Rahals clinic with 1300 mg pr pill.

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