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Old hairline vs. new hairline :)

you can check out my old hairline I had before here at this pic. I’ve had sooo much hair put on and this picture really shows what I came from. Those were the days where wind were really my enemy and I’d be angry and frustrated all windy days. It meant so much and had so much power over my mood that old hair. I’m SO glad of the new hairline. I feel like a new and free person. Like I am now what I should have always been, or something. What a relief the HT.

jake04 jake-old hairline

6 months after surgery

so now I hit the 6 month mark. And it has got more density since the 5 month mark. Yay! As you might see in the right side, theres an area that doesn’t seem to grow that fast as the left side.  It however still looks nice and I am really really happy about it. Perhaps it will grow out during the next 6 months. The 6 month mark does say 45-50%. So if 55-50% more will come I’m thrilled!

I can’t tell you how big a difference this has made. My hair looks so thick and full now and I’m thinking with happiness of it every single day. I know I say this alot, but this is how much this has meant, and how big a difference this has made for me. Totally worth everything and I would do it again.


jake01 jake02 jake03 jake05 jake06 jake04

my new haircut – 5 months after surgery

Hey again,
I just put some pictures of my the hair-cut too, and it’s without product, as I still do not use product as I’ll wait with that till it is fully grown, but since the temples now have hair, it doesn’t even matter about product (before I was a slave to product and the wind was my enemy) and I do not have to fear the wind anymore.
I’m really happy about it and even now with the 5 months growth I already feel the life change that I had wished for, for so many years.
numsen1 billed2

5 months after surgery

Hey guys.

So, it’s time for the montly update. Today I hit the 5 month mark, and here are the photos.

I got a new haircut that I wouldn’t have been able to have since high school, and that is all due to the new hair. It’s still a bit thinner in the right side, but Im hoping that it will even out when the 12 month mark is hit, and as it is now, it’s already life-changing for me, due to the fact that I now have had that new haircut which I’d never been able to get without the HT.

The hairline is getting more and more full and natural looking also. Scar is almost invisible. Looking forward to next month. Loving it!

IMG_20140309_163404_490 IMG_20140309_163342_710 IMG_20140309_163141_539 IMG_20140309_163049_359 IMG_20140309_163006_654 IMG_20140309_162833_710

4 months after surgery

Hey again,

so now I hit the 4 month mark! And as you can see, it’s growing and has grown since last month too. in fact it is starting to get long now, and I’ve actually warn it uncovered. It looks like my new natural hairline now. How brilliant is that. Can’t wait for the density to get higher. It’s all a very exiting period now I think, and I’m almost starting to forget my old high temple hairline, and adapting to this new one! It still feels completely crazy nice though, and I will never ever complain about having a bad hairday when this has grown out full. Never again. I’m in Rome, Italy, now, and most men here have a full heads of hair that they’ve grown out long, which I really like. They really appreciate having hair and use it to the full, not cutting a good set of full hair down to 3 mms as I see in my country. great and inspiring to walk amongs all those full hair headed men here and feel that soon I’m there too. Thanks for reading guys. Will post again every month!

IMG_20140212_112957_828 IMG_20140212_112839_867 foto

preop-photos – Rahal

hey again, the hair is really popping out now. I’m going to make a photo update every month now, as it’s really starting to grow.

These photos are the pre-op photos I had taken. This shows what a large area I actually had covered with new hair, and also how high my temples actually were.
Check it out. They’ll show how much hair has actually grown out already after those 3 months.
I’m very very exited about this. I hadn’t thought that it would happen so fast. 3 months to this from surgery is nothing. Will make a new photo update on the 9th of Feb, which is soon. This way I give an update precicely a certain amount of months after surgery. (surgey was 9th of October)

preop4 preop3 preop2 preop1

3 months post surgery today at Rahals!

Hey guys. So today is precicely 3 months since I had the HT done at Rahals in Ottawa. Aaaand finally the transplanted hair is starting to slowly show itself!

The past months has been obviously with the ht-hair falling out etc, and the “bald” period, plus nerves in my donor area growing back etc. I did have some pain in the donor area when I “hit” it, or touched it roughly, but that pain is actually fully gone now and I do not have a numb feeling in the donor area nor any painful feel. In fact it now feels like it did before and I have all feeling back and do not feel any difference than to before, which is great. So this too, has gone very well.

The scar, I’ve been giving e-vitamin cream every night, and it seems to be starting to help on it. It’s now just a red line, and quite nice looking after only 3 months. I’m going to keep adding the e-vitamin on it every night. I’m thinking that it’ll help the redness eventually go away. The scar itself is a thin line actually, it’s only the red colour that “shows” it, but it’s no way possible to see and even now I feel like I could actually have relatively short hair. Only the really close down cuts, would show the scar as it is now, because of its red colour, and hey, who wants that haircut anyways. I went to Rahal to be able to finally get the thick hair-do that I’ve always wanted, without being nervous of how windy the weather was outside etc. which has been my story for now, plus always getting the “hide the temples”-haircut. So you can imagine how it feels when I see actual hair starting to pop out in the hairtransplanted area now! I mean, that’s what it’s suppose to do, but really, it’s like you dont believe it untill it actually happens. You wonder if you’ll be that 1 out of a million whom it does not work for or something. So I tell you, it’s quite the experience when you suddenly start seeing REAL HAIR growing in your former naked temple area!

The new growing of the hair, which I were told would beging after 3 months, It’s like it went really fast as soon as I hit the 11 week mark! And today, 3 months after, I really see the new hair out. and if I’m standing in a darker room, I can almost see the new hairline being my actual new hairline. So this is really really something.
I’m really surpriced of how fast the new hairs have started to grow! Like it happened suddenly and fast. I’ve posted pictures, of the process so far.
I’m so exited of what it’s going to look like in 2 more months.
But this is it. It’s starting to grow out now. What I’ve been waiting on since the surgery. Well, since high school really. It’s happening now. 


hair4 hair5 hair6

Dr. Rahal hairtransplant 7 days post surgery

I just took new photos whilst being washed on the recipient area now. 7 day post surgery now, and to be honest I think that it now looks like I just shaved off some hair! It really looks like it’s my natural hairline. My girlfriend said that actually. She said, “wow now it just looks like you just shaved your head on those certain areas, it looks so natural!” she was really amazed and I got even more happy than I already am. I feel so lucky and so you know, just happy that I did this and how lucky I was that I found Dr. Rahal. Will keep posting results as they progress. 


hair1 hair2 hair3

at the night of the surgery on October 9th 2013

The first experience and story of my hairloss and hairtransplant at Dr. Rahal:

Hey there! My name untouchables, is due to the fact that I’ve just gotten out of hairtransplant with amazing dr Rahal, and my plan is that when my new hair grows out to wear 1920s slick back hair like they do in my favorite movie The Untouchables. So that’s why I chose that name ;)

My story:


after years of sadness over the eternal fight with my hair to cover up my enourmous temples, I finally was lucky to find Dr. Rahal in Ottawa, and I went through surgery yesterday! I had done years of research online to find the best hair transplant surgent and as there’s many out there it’s kind of a jungle to find the right one, but I was lucky to find Dr. Rahal. With no bad reviews at all, and pictures of the most amazing results, he seemed like the absolute best so I went along and made the phonecall to his clinic, and before I knew it I had booked the date of the surgery and was planning on my way over to Ottawa, to do what I had been thinking of doing since I was in high-school. Get my temples covered by getting a hair-transplantation. And here I am in Ottawa, and I’ve just had my HT and it’s freaking GREAT!

The surgery: I was really nervous before the surgery and I’m a bit of a whiner when it comes to needles and blood etc. so oh yes, was I nervous! But the worst part of the surgery was actually when they anaesthetized me, so basically just the needle-thing! But still even this was okay, and after that I kinda dozed off during the surgery which took all day. When they slice of the strip, it sounds like they cut in thick paper which was kinda funny :D

I came all the way from Scandinavia to do the procedure so I had not had a consultation before I got here, so everything happened yesterday like the drawing of the new hairline etc. I got in at 6.30, and had a good breakfast before I went. Then we went over paperwork etc. and the surgery itself started at about 9 a clock. The surgery was finished at 4.30, where I was then given the post op details one more time.

Pain: it feels extremely tight in the back of my head, but I was expecting worse pain. I did not gamble and I have taken the painkillers for severe pain (you get a box with painkillers for severe pain and one for mild pain), as I do not want to risk suddenly feeling like I had my head cut open, which is basically exactly what I just did lol. So the painkillers REALLY help. I seriously slept in my reclining chair at the 45 degree angle for almost 12 hours! Which is really rare, so I must have reacted very well to the painkillers plus my head has been taken well care of at Rahals clinic.

I went to have the recipent area cleaned today by a sweet nurse. Seriously everybody is so sweet at Rahals clinic. Very curteous and smiing. I really like that, as I myself am quite shy and can feel a bit socially awquard sometimes, but at Rahals clinic the staff is so nice that I actually do not feel like the big elephant in the room as I do quite often back home. Rahal himself also came in to check how things were and look at the grafts post surgery and that was a really nice feeling to be that welcomed and well taken care off and that there’s such good care after ones surgery. Made me feel very safe and happy. Also this is one of the things I read on the forums online about Dr. Rahal. That he does extreme good after-care, and that meant alot to me as well as this was a huge decision for me so I needed to be sure that I would be well taken careoff also after the surgery.

The hairtransplant:

All I can say is: WOW!!! It looks freaking GREAT! I can’t say how happy I am about the result. I mean I just had it done yesterday but you can see the new place and I can just SEE it happening when it starts to grow out and since I’m going for the 20s slick back hair the hairline needs to be in place. I had my temples done and they were baaaad. I had what I think is called a widows peak but it went way back on my head and my temples only got worse.

Feeling tired now and a little tight in the back now so I’m going to go to sleep in the reclining chair now. I have to wait 2 hours before I can take the painkillers again. so will sleep for those hours.

Will keep you postet with pictures too. I’m at the Brookline guesthouse now, which is like 5 minute walk from the clinic. So convenient, and as I said they clean you everyday at Rahals clinic and check on you etc. Very good service that they really do alot of post-op care. I can’t say how happy I am about it all. I’m just HAPPY! This is awesome! Can’t wait for it to start growing. It’s going to be a complete life change for me!

Hairtransplant at Dr. Rahal 9th of October

hair Picture from 5 days post surgery:

Just had my hairtransplantation at Dr. Rahals here on October 9th. I flew in from Scandinavia to have it done at Dr Rahals, and boy oh boy am I exited about the results already! I had very very high temples, a widows peak I had, and one where the temples go way back,
and I got 3700 grafts at Dr Rahal via FUT (strip), and now I seriously have a new hairline! I mean Dr. Rahal is world famous for his hairline, and seriously, before I had a hair-triangle, and now I have a HAIR-LINE! And the hair-line that I’ve always dreamt of, since high-school! It has happened it is done! All I have to do now is wait for the new hair to regrow!

I’ve attached a photo from 5th day post surgery to show how it looks already.
It’s my 7th day post surgery and it’s looking freaking great! I mean I’m like a kid here. Very exited.

I’m not sure how to re-post from my other blog on, but you can read my detailed story about the surgery on my blog here:

Restoration Site for TheUntouchables

I must say I’m extremely and overly exited and impressed with Dr. Rahals surgery, his clinic, staff, his extremely professional and caring post-surgery care and how everything is looking. I’m still in Ottawa now, and I’m going in everyday to get cleaned by a very sweet nurse, and everyday they check the grafts, spray-clean my hair and recipient area and give treatment with vitamin-E oil and cream for the donor wound area.
Dr. Rahal is also known for his extreme good post surgery care for his patients and I’m not allowed to even touch the recepient area for 2 weeks, so washing is done via a spraybottle of babyshampoo mixed with water, and another spray bottle with water in it.

I have long hair and it’s looking quiiite greasy due to the oil treatments now, so no, I’m not sweaty in the picture it’s just e-vitamin oils 
Will post often with results.

Super exited and can’t wait for regrow. Seriously this is a lifechange for me.
Longer story with more details you can see by following the link presented earlier in this post.