Hairtransplant at Dr. Rahal 9th of October

Hairtransplant at Dr. Rahal 9th of October

hair Picture from 5 days post surgery:

Just had my hairtransplantation at Dr. Rahals here on October 9th. I flew in from Scandinavia to have it done at Dr Rahals, and boy oh boy am I exited about the results already! I had very very high temples, a widows peak I had, and one where the temples go way back,
and I got 3700 grafts at Dr Rahal via FUT (strip), and now I seriously have a new hairline! I mean Dr. Rahal is world famous for his hairline, and seriously, before I had a hair-triangle, and now I have a HAIR-LINE! And the hair-line that I’ve always dreamt of, since high-school! It has happened it is done! All I have to do now is wait for the new hair to regrow!

I’ve attached a photo from 5th day post surgery to show how it looks already.
It’s my 7th day post surgery and it’s looking freaking great! I mean I’m like a kid here. Very exited.

I’m not sure how to re-post from my other blog on, but you can read my detailed story about the surgery on my blog here:

Restoration Site for TheUntouchables

I must say I’m extremely and overly exited and impressed with Dr. Rahals surgery, his clinic, staff, his extremely professional and caring post-surgery care and how everything is looking. I’m still in Ottawa now, and I’m going in everyday to get cleaned by a very sweet nurse, and everyday they check the grafts, spray-clean my hair and recipient area and give treatment with vitamin-E oil and cream for the donor wound area.
Dr. Rahal is also known for his extreme good post surgery care for his patients and I’m not allowed to even touch the recepient area for 2 weeks, so washing is done via a spraybottle of babyshampoo mixed with water, and another spray bottle with water in it.

I have long hair and it’s looking quiiite greasy due to the oil treatments now, so no, I’m not sweaty in the picture it’s just e-vitamin oils 
Will post often with results.

Super exited and can’t wait for regrow. Seriously this is a lifechange for me.
Longer story with more details you can see by following the link presented earlier in this post. 


  1. Looks great. Any details on donor area itching? How does the hair lay in the donor area? Price for procedure with discounts?

  2. Hey Dan, the donor area was a bit painful in the first 3 months, but now I can literally bang hard on the donor area without any pain at all. And I have full sensibility in the donor area. Also the scar is invisible now.
    Price was about 15000 canadian dollars including over seas discount

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