my new haircut – 5 months after surgery

my new haircut – 5 months after surgery

Hey again,
I just put some pictures of my the hair-cut too, and it’s without product, as I still do not use product as I’ll wait with that till it is fully grown, but since the temples now have hair, it doesn’t even matter about product (before I was a slave to product and the wind was my enemy) and I do not have to fear the wind anymore.
I’m really happy about it and even now with the 5 months growth I already feel the life change that I had wished for, for so many years.
numsen1 billed2


  1. Your hair looks so good, I would’ve never known you had a procedure. Now all you need to worry about is the wind blowing through your hair!

  2. thanks Christie I love it! I just uploaded the 6 month pictures.

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