preop-photos – Rahal

preop-photos – Rahal

hey again, the hair is really popping out now. I’m going to make a photo update every month now, as it’s really starting to grow.

These photos are the pre-op photos I had taken. This shows what a large area I actually had covered with new hair, and also how high my temples actually were.
Check it out. They’ll show how much hair has actually grown out already after those 3 months.
I’m very very exited about this. I hadn’t thought that it would happen so fast. 3 months to this from surgery is nothing. Will make a new photo update on the 9th of Feb, which is soon. This way I give an update precicely a certain amount of months after surgery. (surgey was 9th of October)

preop4 preop3 preop2 preop1

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