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What is worse: going bald or becoming overweight?

I’m used to hanging out on hair loss forums. As you might expect, going bald is the primary concern of guys who have taken the time to join communities dedicated to the  battle against male pattern baldness.

But what about a different type of online community? How do most guys rate baldness against other physical changes that can effect appearance and self-esteem?

More specifically, what is worse: going bald or becoming overweight?

If this thread at the menshealth.com forums is anything to go by, piling on the pounds is the bigger worry.

From where I’m sitting (and admittedly I’m speaking as someone who wants to put on weight), I think baldness is worse because at least good nutrition and exercise can, in most cases, undo the damage caused by junk food.

Eating well and working out can result in physical transformations that current hair loss medications rarely achieve for male pattern baldness. Hard work alone never cured baldness.

See the thread here What is worse: going bald or becoming overweight?

About Matt Heaton

Matt Heaton is a Patient Advisor at Rahal. He is active on the hair loss forums (as mattj) and is known for his detailed approach to patient guidance. He enjoys movies, writing and long walks with his dog, Murray.

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