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Why So Many People Are Talking about Dr. Rahal

A photo of an FUE results thread on the hair loss forum.

This post showcases a patient who received 2733 grafts using FUE with Dr. Rahal. The thread has gained a lot of positive feedback on The Hair Restoration Forum.

A must-see post by “agenteye” on The Hair Restoration Network highlights why Dr. Rahal has gained a lot of positive feedback on his FUE results.

The post showcases a 38 year-old Web Developer who was a Norwood VI, and who felt that his hair loss was holding him back in life.

Talk to a hair loss expert about FUE

Just one year after receiving 2733 grafts using FUE with Dr.Rahal, his new hair looks so natural – that no one – not even close family members have pinpointed that he’s had a hair transplant. The patient has regained his confidence and not only looks, but feels 10 years younger.

The thread on the hair loss forum has gained a lot of popularity. One Senior Member, “Spanker,” commented on the thread: “Excellent outcome. Excellent case. Excellent documentation. Home run.”

The Forum Co-Moderator, David, said: “Stellar job by Dr. Rahal! Lucky man!” Furthermore, Senior Member “James84” said the results were “very nice.” And reviewer “Arrie” said: “WOW GREAT RESULT!!!! Any way to have bigger clearer pictures of this great transformation? …..I mean fantastic…. WOW.”

Ben shares his photos and hair transplant Toronto reviews.

Just one year after his 2733 FUE hair It’s only been a year since his hair transplant, but the results are like night and day. This patient has a youthful hairline, with maximum fullness and density.

This thread is useful to any potential FUE hair transplant patients. It reveals how to get the best FUE hair transplant result by choosing a recommended and leading hair transplant doctor.

View the thread here: Dr. Rahal- 2733 FUE -12 Months Post-Op

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