2 Weeks Post-Op

2 Weeks Post-Op

The Big Day is Here at Last!

Wow, I’m finally starting to feel like myself again!

I’d been looking forward to this day for lots of reasons.

  1. To get the damn sutures out of my head.
  2. To massage some areas of my head that were “off-limits” for the last 2 weeks.
  3. To finally experience once more what it feels like to take a shower.
  4. To start putting “magic Minoxidil” to work so that I may grow lots and lots of strong healthy hair.

Let’s Go Sit Under the Appletree!

Not being able to have Dr. Rahal’s team remove the sutures, I was a bit nervous about finding the right clinic in my city to do the job. So I ended up going to an Appletree Medical Group clinic. I called in advance to make sure that I wouldn’t have to pay for this service. Dr. Perry was the professional who took out my sutures. He was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, with a stethoscope around his neck. He had a very pleasant disposition and I felt at ease right away…until he looked at the line that ran across the back of my head and said “Now I know why they sent you elsewhere to do the job!”.

Doc, Have you Done this Before?

I started feeling a bit nervous as he started removing the first 2 sutures on my right side while I sat on the patient table. It wasn’t comfortable and I was feeling little sharp pokes. I glanced at my girlfriend who was in the room, and gave her a worried look. He then put down the tools from the “Suture Removal Kit” and asked his assistant to get him sharper forceps, smaller and sharper scissors, as well as an extra light. After leaving the room and coming back wearing some magnifying eyewear, he had me lie down on my stomach. From that point on, we were in business.

My girlfriend offered to hold my hair out of the way while he removed the sutures, which he and I greatly appreciated. It made the doctor’s job much easier and feeling my girlfriend’s fingers in my hair was very calming. Dr. Perry continuously reassured me by telling me “You’re doing great buddy” and letting me know that we were making great progress. He was a bit surprised that black thread had been used because it made it more challenging to see but I explained to him that it was probably done on purpose so that it wouldn’t be obvious that I had surgery in the back of my head.

Once we were finished, he took the time to go thru the line again just to make sure he had gotten all of the sutures out. He then thanked me and said, “It was an honor”. And I, in return, thanked him for releasing me from these sutures that have prevented me from sleeping for the last 2 weeks!


Ready for a New Beginning!

After getting home, my girlfriend washed my hair and gently rubbed off all the loose scabs. By the time we were finished, my scalp was alot cleaner and when I looked in the mirror, I finally saw a glimpse of my new look. Without the scabs, all that remained were the little hairs and a bit of redness on the scalp. This was definite progress!

I also got a follow up email from Chad today. The Patient Care team is very good at following up on everything. Chad, Holly and Jessica have all been great at making themselves available to answer all my questions.

I was told that I could start wearing “over the collar” shirts again, and that I could now wash my hair in the shower using Baby Shampoo (until the end of the month). I was also reminded to start using Minoxidil twice a day and to continue applying Polysporin in the back for another 5 days.

First Full Shower in Weeks!

To celebrate this milestone in my recovery, I rewarded myself with a nice warm shower. Oo lala, a shower never felt so good!


  1. Thanks for the great write up! Glad to hear you are much more comfortable now that the sutures are out.

    Keep us posted on your progress!

  2. Sounds like they did a good and thorough job of removing the sutures. I’m glad you enjoyed the shower!

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