My Hair Loss Story

My Hair Loss Story


My hair loss story begins around High School, I started thinning immediately after High School and noticed it more and more throughout my early twenties.  I would notice the hair loss(thinning) when styling my hair in different ways, each time styling issues became a problem I would just shave my hair off thinking a fresh shave helped it grow back thicker.  The hair loss progressed slowly and I really noticed my hair styles changing again by my mid twenties…I then started to research hair products to help restore and thicken my hair, and eventually I came across hair transplant sites, which was not something I was willing to do at first.  After reading and viewing many different sites on hair transplants and restoration I found some great surgeons but none matched Dr. Rahal’s skill level.  And upon meeting with Dr. Rahal I knew he would be the best choice for me, and I think for anyone else researching restoration.

A year ago I did my first HT as a FUE with Dr. Rahal with around 2402 grafts we rebuilt my hair line and frontal area.  The whole procedure was easy, painless and fast…even after the surgery it was virtually painless and the maintenance afterwards was no problem along with the instructions from Dr. Rahal’s staff.  The hair grew like a weed, and at about 2 months the back part where the extraction took place was completely unnoticeable.  At 3-4 months my hair looked unreal!! and I am still very satisfied a year later.

I might even go back to Dr. Rahal to thicken up parts behind the frontal, and in the sides of the hairline.  I would only suggest Dr. Rahal, any other Dr. would not do.


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