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You’ve spotted your first gray hair: Now what?

Renee Trilivas from Beauty Reporter asked Aura Friedman, a colourist at Sally Hershberger Downtown, what to do when gray hair appears:

  • Relax: A study done by Nature linked stress with the creation of gray hairs. The body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide, which interferes with melanin which then turns hair gray.
  • Avoid plucking: Plucking damages the follicle and may stop hair from growing in that spot altogether, which causes thinning over time.
  • Ad hoc solution: An easy and inexpensive way to temporarily tint only a few gray hairs is to use a colour-depositing shampoo or an at-home glossing treatment, as it will blend in and gradually fade out the gray.
  • Mask: Use a single-process dye that matches your natural colour. Don’t go any darker, new white hairs will stand out. If you wish to add dimension and disguise grays, get a stylist to add some subtle highlights. A root touch-up kit is a great way to cover grays in-between dye jobs.
  • Add volume: Adding height or curls can camouflage grey hair. To create some bounce, use a volumizer on the roots, then blow-dry the hair upside down or add Velcro rollers to hair that’s already dry.

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