Feeling Normal

Feeling Normal

My name is Zack, at the time of my hair transplant I was 24 years old. I started to really notice a receding hairline when I was about 20. As time went on a found it harder and harder to style my hair in any way as both the middle and front of my head were thinning out to the point that using gel made it look even thinner. During this whole process I didn’t know there was anything to be done to fix this problem. The only options I thought I had were the same ones my balding cousins (all in their late 20’s) were doing. I tried to grow my hair out so as to cover the balding spots and receding areas until that couldn’t be done and I would have to shave my head.
To say my receding hair situation was a bit depressing was an understatement. It began to really affect my self confidence, I didn’t like going out and I really didn’t like looking at myself in the mirror. I started to wear hats, but I didn’t like having to cover my head all the time. I ended up undertaking a few searches online for anything that would help my situation and I came across Doctor Rahal’s website. About a week later a met with Doctor Rahal to see what my options were and 7 months later I undertook a hair transplant operation.
I could have undertaken the transplant sooner, but I wanted to be able to save up enough vacation time to stay on the down low until my head had healed up
Although I could have worn a hat after my surgery I did not want to take any risk. It took about a good 20 days before I really left my house. The front of my head was the main area which the transplant took place and it took about 20 days until it was fully healed enough to go out in public without anything covering it. It took about 9 weeks since the operation until I started to see results and things kept on getting better and better every month (be patient). The results were small at first, which I liked as it was less noticeable, but by the time month 10 came around allot of my friends (especially the ones with hair issues of their own) began to ask me how my hair was looking thicker and how areas where I was clearly receding before were now growing hair.  At that point I opened up and told people what I did, as the results were too good to hide.
Its been 3 years since my surgery and I am still extremely happy with how things have turned out. I feel like myself and have regained my self confidence. I would recommend Dr Rahal to anyone who is interested in a hair transplant.


  1. Thanks for the great post Zack!
    Your hair is looking awesome 🙂 🙂

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