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Average Cost of Hair Transplant – What Is It?

I’m planning a hair transplant early next year. Can you please advise the average cost of hair transplant? I know that it’s best to schedule a consultation to get cost for hair transplant first, but I’m wondering if a procedure is even an option for me because of price.

At Rahal, average cost of hair transplant is determined on a “per graft” basis, though most of our patients invest anywhere from $5,000 – $15,000 per procedure (before available discounts).

In order to determine the average cost of hair transplant, the first step is to schedule a free online consultation. This consultation will allow a Rahal physician to evaluate your hair characteristics, such as hair texture and quality, pattern of loss and donor availability. Your Rahal physician can then design a personal hair loss treatment plan for your particular needs, which will include the cost for hair transplant. There is also a resource here to help determine cost for hair transplant.

At Rahal we also perform both the FUE and FUT (strip) methods of hair transplantation, and the average cost of hair transplant can vary depending on which method is better suited for you. Therefore, the best option is to schedule a no-obligation consultation with a Rahal physician to further discuss your desired outcome, cost for hair transplant and receive your personal hair loss treatment plan.

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