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Can Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss?

I recently read that hair dye can cause hair loss. I don’t see any damage but I don’t want to continue dying my hair if it can cause hair loss from hair dye. When people say that dying your hair causes hair loss, do they mean permanent hair loss or do they mean it can temporarily weaken your hairs and they might fall out and then will grow back? Can hair dye cause hair loss?

I’m often asked the question “Can hair dye cause hair loss?” by my patients and my answer is … If products are of a commercial grade containing safe ingredients and purchased from a reliable source, you should not experience hair loss from hair dye.

However, hair dye products contain certain chemicals that if misused or over used can result in damage to hair follicles or your scalp and cause hair loss from hair dye. One example is chemical straightening used on hair that can burn the scalp and cause temporary or permanent hair loss.

It is important to note that the regular use of hair products (sprays, gels, dyes) along with routine washing and combing of hair does not cause hair loss. Most people suffering from hair loss have a genetic predisposition to hair loss called androgenic alopecia. This condition will progress over time regardless of the use of cosmetic styling products. Some people are more prone to hair loss and the overuse or improper use of chemicals in lower grade products may cause hair loss from hair dye by stimulating and accelerating the process of hair loss.

It is recommended that you test any hair product on a small part of your scalp to identify any reactions to avoid hair loss from hair dye. Here is a great resource of the types of hair dye. If hair loss occurs because of hair dye it is best to consult a dermatologist for a thorough scalp inspection and further advice.

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