Do Any Product Treatments Work for Traction Alopecia? | Dr. Rahal

Do Any Product Treatments Work for Traction Alopecia?

I am an African American woman in my thirties. I have always worn my hair braided but it has caused my hairline to recede. I am thinking about having a hair transplant but hope that other treatments might be available.

What you’ve described is called traction alopecia and is caused by the hair being pulled tightly for extended periods of time, which leads to damage to the follicles. This damage is, unfortunately, usually permanent. Some patients might have limited success with Rogaine, but surgical hair restoration is likely to be the best option.

I feel that more awareness of this condition is needed as many women are completely unaware that they are causing damage to their hair before it’s too late.

About Dr. Pires

Dr. Pires is a hair restoration surgeon at Rahal. He is a graduate of McGill University Medical School and active member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. He specializes in all follicular unit transplants.

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