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Do You Offer a No Shave FUE Hair Transplant?

I’m based in the UK and really looking to rebuild and strengthen my hairline with FUE. With this procedure do you offer a no shave FUE hair transplant? Or does my full head need to be shaved? Thanks and look forward to your reply.

Dear James,

Picture of no shave FUE hair transplant.

Rahal patient just 12 months after “Rahal FUE™” — the fastest-healing hair transplant available.

Rahal FUE™ or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has become very popular in the UK, mainly due to Wayne Rooney scheduling his FUE hair transplant a few years ago.

It’s still in the news today.

Cherry pick grafts for the best FUE results…

What I like about Rahal FUE™ is that is allows me to “cherry pick” the best grafts to design a youthful, natural “Rahal Hairline™”… so you can look years younger.

FUE also allows me to select the “thickest” double and triple hair grafts for behind the hairline and towards the crown…. so you can achieve a thicker, fuller head of hair.

You asked about a no shave FUE hair transplant…

We shave two specific areas of the scalp with FUE… donor zone and recipient zone.

We shave the donor zone to better visualize the angle of the hairs and minimize transection (damaging the grafts).

Shaving the donor zone prevents “over harvesting”. This occurs when too many grafts are harvested from a small area.

We shave the recipient zone to mimic the natural angle and direction of native hairs… and achieve the most natural results possible.

The FUE hair transplant- no shave technique has risks…

A successful FUE hair transplant involves managing risks … and shaving your head does just that by minimizing transection so you can maximize your results.

Knowing that… why would you NOT want to shave your head?

Keep in mind that after 1-2 weeks any visible signs of the procedure are gone anyway… even with your head shaved.

That’s the advantage to Rahal FUE™… you can conceal the procedure from others and return to work quicker.

It’s  the fastest healing hair transplant available.

I encourage you to schedule your 100% FREE private consultation today.

During your consultation, I’ll thoroughly examine your hair and scalp, answer all your FUE hair transplant questions and design your comprehensive, personalized “Hair Loss Treatment Plan™” that could be the answer to your hair loss problem.

You’ll also discover if you’re a candidate for “Rahal FUE™” — No Scalpel. No Stitches. No linear scar to conceal, so you can wear your hair in any style you choose — even “shaved.”


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About Dr. Rahal

Dr. Rahal, Founder & Medical Director of Rahal, is highly recommended by the American Hair Loss Association and recognized worldwide for designing his "Rahal Hairline™" — resulting in youthful, natural hairlines with maximum fullness & density,

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