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Eyebrow Hair Implants Possible?

I have heard that hair can be transplanted to the eyebrows. Can you do eyebrow hair implants? Are hair implants for eyebrows possible? I would be nervous that it would not look natural.

We have performed quite a lot of eyebrow hair implants. And unlike other eyebrow enhancement techniques, hair implants for eyebrows is the only permanent solution.

Patients looking at hair implants for eyebrows may have a wound that has created a bald patch in their eyebrow. Other times they may have a history of over-plucking, which can cause the hairs to stop growing. Others are simply born without the shape or density of the eyebrow that they desire.

The eyebrow hair implants procedure is simple, and only a smaller number of follicular units are required to achieve a natural result. However, eyebrow hair implants require an artistic approach to create a truly natural and permanent look, so your physician must also considers arch shape and thickness of hair. It’s also important to place each graft into the donor sites at the correct position and angle.

Because of the incredible results, hair implants for eyebrows is increasingly in high demand at Rahal.

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