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Hair Transplant without Taking Propecia?

I am a 47-year-old male. I have been taking Propecia and have been applying Minoxidil 1-2 times per day for the last 4 years. Not consistently but pretty regularly. Despite my efforts, I am still losing my hair on the mid scalp and the lateral hump as well as the crown. My hair loss is starting to show!! I actually feel the itching on a regular basis and what a horrible feeling when sitting in a meeting and thinking while listening to someone talk to you that I am losing my hair. My question is: if I have a transplant, will my transplanted hairs eventually follow the same path of my other hair? Can I get a hair transplant without Propecia?

Dear Tom,

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Hair transplants replace hair. Not prevent hair loss. Only FDA-Approved medications like Propecia can stop hair loss.

I am sorry for your problem. I know hair loss is frustrating not to mention greatly concerning.

The first thing I have to ask you is… are you taking generic finasteride or name brand Proscar or Propecia?

I ask because we have seen, as have other clinics, an inconsistency with the quality of finasteride that is not from Merck Pharmaceutical. They are the original manufacturers of finasteride.

I always recommend that patients take name brand Proscar because when the tablet is quartered it winds up being very affordable and the good thing is that you know you’re getting the real medication.

The itching you feel is potentially a reaction to inflammation in your scalp. There is a correlation between scalp inflammation and hair loss with some hair loss sufferers actually reporting that their scalp “hurts” at the base of each hair. For this I recommend you start with an anti-inflammatory agent such as Nizoral shampoo. This will help to reduce inflammation and the itching associated with it.

Can you get a hair transplant without Propecia?


You can get a hair transplant without taking Propecia. The transplanted hairs should continue to grow for a lifetime if taken from the safe donor zone.

The issue, however, is not the transplanted hair but rather your native hair…

Hair restoration procedures replace some of the hair that has been lost but it does nothing to prevent further loss. That is why it is important to continue with the medications like Propecia and Rogaine and adding Nizoral to your regimen.

You should do everything you can to stop your hair loss…

I encourage you to schedule your 100% FREE private consultation.

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Dr. Rahal — Founder & Medical Director

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