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How Ethnicity Affects Hair Transplants

There is an aspect of hair restoration that isn’t often mentioned, but which is of massive importance: how ethnicity plays a part in the creation of a natural hairline.

Black Patients – As well as having very tightly curled hair (which can make FUE extraction more difficult), men of African descent tend to have very straight and sharply defined hairlines which would look out of place on Caucasians.

Hispanic Patients – Men from Latin America often have hairlines which are lower and more straight than those seen in Caucasians.

Caucasian Patients –  Caucasians often have hairlines which are positioned higher, with the appearance of slight recession even in those individuals not experiencing male pattern balding. Within Caucasian groups there are hairlines that may suit certain shapes of head and types of face better than others.

Then of course there is the extremely important gender difference, with women having rounder hairlines that would look very out of place on most men.

A good surgeon will have made it his business to observe the variety of hairlines that exist in nature and will then recreate, with follicular units, the appropriate design for each individual patient.


About Dr. Pires

Dr. Pires is a hair restoration surgeon at Rahal. He is a graduate of McGill University Medical School and active member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. He specializes in all follicular unit transplants.

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