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How to Fix My Uneven Hairline? And Estimated Cost?

I had a hair transplant of 2300 grafts (at another clinic) by strip method 9 months ago. I’ve been applying Topical Finasteride and Rogaine mixture once per day. I also Apply RA plus Rogaine 2x per week as protocol from my surgeon. I am not happy with my hairline – it’s uneven – and am blown away by your hairlines! I have a posted a picture for your review. I would like to fill in the temporal recession areas more to create less of hard V Shaped look. Can you give me an estimate of the number of grafts you think it would take to soften the hairline? And how to fix my uneven hairline? Maybe lower just a fraction if you think it needs it. And also an estimated cost? I really appreciate your time. I look forward to your thoughts on my hairline. Thanks, Bryan.

Dear Bryan,

Picture of an uneven hairline.

Bryan had a hair transplant at another clinic. The right temple is uneven and far more recessed than the right temple. The middle of the hairline is slightly off center as well. Dr. Rahal reveals the solution.

Sadly, your situation is far too common.

Natural hairline design takes years of training… and more clinics seem to get it wrong than right.

I estimate that 20% of my practice is devoted to “hairline repair”… and fixing the hairline design of other clinics.

I always suggest researching your hair transplant surgeon… are they recommended by the American Hair Loss Association? Do they specialize in hairline design? Maximum density?

These are just some of the questions every patient should be asking.

It sounds like you have a good handle on hair loss prevention.

Great job Bryan… Both Rogaine and Finasteride should help you take control of your hair loss.

Now on to your hairline…

From the one photo you sent, I can see that there are some inconsistencies with the placement of your hairline.

The first thing I notice is that the temple recession is too asymmetrical. Your right temple is far more recessed than your left temple.

It also appears that the middle of your hairline is slightly off center as well.

There is nothing wrong with asymmetry… it’s expected in nature. It’s important that the hairline is “balanced” though. You can achieve this with temple point and template angle restoration.

A Rahal Hairline™ (designed at maximum density and fullness) will frame for your face, give you a more youthful look and address all your concerns… naturalness, unevenness, design, shape, density etc.

I think Rahal FUE™ — the least invasive and fastest-healing hair transplant available – is a better option than FUT for your second session.

Some of the grafts in the hairline appear misdirected. The angle and direction is off. Rahal FUE™ will allow me to remove these grafts so that I have more of a clean slate to work with.

I’m confident that I can help you Bryan… But i’ll need to see more photos and some additional details about your previous hair transplant.

I encourage you to schedule your 100% FREE private consultation today.

During your consultation, I’ll thoroughly examine your hair and scalp and design your comprehensive, personalized “Hair Loss Treatment Plan™”.

This amazing “Hair Loss Treatment Plan™” reveals a complete breakdown on cost per graft. You’ll also discover easy financing options so you can maximize your results, regardless of your budget.

Dr. Rahal


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