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Is a Norwood 4 Hair Transplant Possible with FUE?


Rahal FUE™ is the least invasive and fastest-healing hair transplant available and allows patients to have newer, edgy hairstyles.

Hi. My question is about FUE. Is a Norwood 4 hair transplant possible with good density and a nice hairline, if one were to keep the sides of their head really short and longer on top? Like the picture provided. Thank you for your time. I am very interested.

Dear Matt,

Thank you for your question. Rahal FUE™ is the least invasive and fastest-healing hair transplant available and allows patients to have newer, edgy hair styles like the one you asked about because the linear scar, typical of a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) procedures, is not present.

Keep in mind that the hair model in the photo you provided has a true “full head of hair”, which is not possible (nor required) due to the sheer numbers of grafts necessary to achieve this. When I’m talking about a full head of hair, I’m talking about the original density throughout your scalp before your hair loss began.

There is a simple formula that some doctors use that calculates how many grafts are needed for any given case…

This formula says that for every Norwood level that a patient is classified under they will need 1000 grafts. This formula would dictate that you need 4000 grafts.

However, I find this formula to be lacking in that it does not take into account hair characteristics such as hair caliber (fine, coarse, wavy, straight) – nor does it take into account the density requirements of the patient.

It is generally meant to calculate what is necessary for good coverage. It’s a fair starting point. But I would never utilize this formula across the board because every patient is unique and no single blanket approach is appropriate.

I’m confident that I can help you…

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Dr. Rahal — Founder & Medical Director

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