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Will I Still Need to Use Toppik after a Hair Transplant?

Hi Dr. Rahal. I have a question about concealers like Toppik and Dermatch. Can I stop using them after a hair transplant procedure? Would the density be enough for me to stop being so depended on concealers?

Dear Robert,

Before & after hair transplant picture without Toppik.

Most Rahal patients do not use Toppik after hair transplant surgery. A Rahal Hairline™ at maximum fullness and density allows for unlimited styling options like… long, short, messy.

This is a very good question… but the answer is not a simple one.

Concealers such as Toppik and Dermatch have one job… conceal areas of thinning.

They do this by eliminating the visible contrast between hair and scalp, which effectively gives the illusion of a fuller, thicker head of hair.

The one problem with concealers is that they do not allow for a natural amount of scalp to be visible.

Even people with the thickest heads of hair will have at least some portion of their scalp visible… depending on the hair style, the length, etc.

For instance in the part line or the frontal hairline where there are natural undulations. Even the central part of the crown where the whorl pattern originates will allow for a small amount of scalp to be visible.

Concealers are used everyday in Hollywood…

I spoke to one of my celebrity patients about what’s required of him in the makeup department. He has a full head of hair and just wanted to lower his hairline to maintain a youthful appearance.

He told me that even though he has a full head of hair, he would have to wear concealers because… “Hollywood doesn’t like scalp.”

I was surprised by what he told me… but since he mentioned it I can’t help notice that I rarely see scalp on actors when watching a movie or television show.

So, back to your question… “Will i still need to use Toppik after a hair transplant?”

That’s entirely up to you.

I know this may sound confusing… but it has to do with what YOU feel is cosmetically acceptable.

I can say that most of my patients do not “need” to use concealers after hair transplant surgery. A Rahal Hairline™ at maximum fullness and density does allows for unlimited styling options. You can wear your hair anyway you like… long, short, messy.

But I will also say that hair transplants can’t match the illusion of density one will get with concealers… that’s the reality. Concealers are also mentally addictive and act as a “crutch” so to speak.

Many men and women do not feel comfortable leaving their home without using them, even if they have a very full looking head of hair.

That’s the unfortunate reality of how concealers work.

I CAN help you make an informed decision by better understand your goals and expectations.

I encourage you to schedule your free consultation today… and get your personalized “Hair Loss Treatment Plan”.

You’ll discover the number of grafts recommended to achieve your goal. I’ll also reveal patient before & after photos with similar hair characteristics and balding patterns, so you can get a better idea of the density you can expect.


Dr. Rahal


P.S. Click here to schedule your free consultation… and take control of your hair loss.

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