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Body Hair Transplant to Head Improve My Hairline?

I had a hair transplant before with scaring in my donor area. I was about 50% pleased with the hair transplant and 0% with the scar. I have a lot of body hair that is thick and am considering a body hair transplant. I am 57 and not looking for perfection but possibly a body hair transplant with FUE, if it can improve my hairline and add some hair to the top of my head. My transplant does look natural, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to take more from the donor area but rather a body hair transplant to head. Thanks.

I’m not convinced that a body hair transplant to head leads to a satisfying result, either aesthetically or in terms of graft yield (the successful growth of the transplanted hairs).

Therefore we don’t perform a body hair transplant. Body hair transplant to head hair is usually of a different texture and thickness than scalp hair (you did mention that your body hair is heavy) and the result can stand out as looking unnatural. Moreover, body hair transplant surgery does tend to be more expensive than other options.

My advice would be to schedule a free consultation. I can then assess your scalp and donor region. It’s quite possible that you have enough hair in your donor area to supply ample grafts to achieve your goal of adding hair to the top and improving your hairline without a body hair transplant to head.

I can select the best hairs for the most refined result. Alternatively, you might be a candidate for a FUT (strip) procedure, which might provide the potential for improving the scar from your previous hair transplant.

I hope you find this helpful and I wish you luck.

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  1. Hello –
    I would like to meet you for a consultation Dr. Rahal. However, I live in TN and I have never traveled outside the U.S. How would this work if I set up a consultation with you? I don’t want to keep traveling back and forth to see you. I would like to get a consultation; then do the surgery the next day if possible. I have 10k to spend depending on hotel, travel expenses etc… How long do you think I need to stay before I can travel back home? Email me and I’ll go ahead and send you pics of what my hair looks like. I’m very, very, VERY impressed with your results and I have no doubt you can get my thick hair that I once had back!
    Thanks –

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