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Female Hairline Lowering Possible?

Is female hairline lowering possible? I am 26 year old woman and I have always had a high hairline and large forehead. I am always trying to be creative in styling to hide this fact. Life would be so much easier if I could just move my hairline down by a little bit as I would love to pull my hair back and be free of worry when playing sports and swimming. What are my options for lowering the female hairline?

There are options for lowering the female hairline. Many women who have the appearance of a high forehead due to a higher than average hairline location contact us about female hairline lowering. This high hairline location may have always been the case since a younger age or it could have receded as the female patient ages and undergoes menopause. For whatever cause, a high hairline in a female patient can be quite bothersome and stressful. It certainly limits hairstyling options when trying to hide it.

Medications are of limited use for lowering the female hairline. Modern hair transplant methods of female hairline lowering are the most effective treatments. Assuming there is a sufficient donor hair amount, female hairline lowering can be achieved by transplanting naturally occurring follicular units (single hairs) in the hairline. When lowering the female hairline, density and proper design are critical. When performed correctly, the new hairline will provide increased styling options, even allowing the hair to be pulled back.

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  1. What is the average cost for this type of procedure?

  2. Hi Ashley,
    Cost is determined on a “per graft” basis. It’s best to schedule a free consultation to determine the number of grafts required and total cost.

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